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Credit  Solutions Plus is a Debt Relief Company.   We specialize in eliminating debt and provide financial counseling.  We also specialize in working with all types of debt problems from your credit reports and history.  (i.e. judgments,  tax liens, repossessions and foreclosures).  Our goal is to get you out of debt so that you can regain your credit status. 
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1.     Debt Analysis
2.     Debt Settlements
3.     Debt Repayment Plans
4.     Open Judgments
5.     Repossessions
6.     Foreclosures
7.     Bankruptcies
8.     Income Tax Services
9.     Tax Liens
10.  Student Loans
11.  Cars
12.  Purchasing New Homes
13.  Mortagages (1st and 2nd)
14.  Refinancing

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    Consumers who are unable to pay their debts and are experiencing a financial hardship due to financial restrictions, we will refer the consumer to a Licensed Bankruptcy to explore the possibility of seeking relief under a Chapter 7 and/or Chapter 13 through our prepaid-legal program.
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    We can assist consumers with the purchase of an automobile once their debt situation has improved and has been resolved.
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    Debt Relief
    We assist consumers with debt relief by way of debt repayment plans or reducing debt, including collection accounts and charge off accounts. After a Debt Analysis if it's determine that the consumer is unable to repay their debts, they will then be referred to a licensed attorney to review their options to see if they qualify for a Bankruptcy.
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    We assist consumers who are facing foreclosures and have any pending auction by the following ways: (a) enter into repayment plan; (b) enter them into a forbearance agreement (c) assist the consumer with a loan modification. If the consumer is unable or does not qualify for one of these options; accordingly we will refer the consumer to a License Attorney to explore the possibility of a Bankruptcy remedy in order to save their home
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    Purchasing Your New Home
    We can assist the consumer after resolving their debt issues and they are financially back on track and their credit rating has increased we can assign them to a loan officer and a realtor to help them in the purchase of a new home.
  6. 8
    Refinancing Your Mortgage
    For consumers who have already have a home we can assist them in the refinancing of their home for a lower interest rate and will assign them to a loan officer who will assist them in this matter.
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    Income Tax Services
    We can assist consumers with any Federal or State Tax Income issues, such as tax liens and or wage garnishments. We also can assist with the preparation of filing individual, joint and/or corporate tax filings.
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    Debt Settlement
    Assist the consumers by settling delinquent and/or old accounts from 40% up to 70% at a reduced rate.
  9. 9
    Student Loans
    We can assist consumers who are in default with their student loans whether those loans are through the Department of Education and/or Student Private Lenders. We will work with the agencies and work with the consumer in several options; ie, Forbearance Agreement, Deferment, or a rehabilitation loan to bring their loans out of default.
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    Tax Liens
    We can assist consumers in resolving or eliminating tax liens both Federal and State.